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As photographers we are inspired by the work of others and hope to capture images that are as memorable as theirs. Having said that, today we are honored to feature a photo from such a photographer shtarka1. To view more work from shtarka1 please visit shtarka1's gallery

They say it's not the gear but the person behind the camera that captures the photo we are drawn to. But, for those who are curious, this was taken with a Leica camera ag Leica m10-p and a Noctilux-m 1:0.95/50 asph

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Posted 11-20-23 12:17
Posted 09-25-23 14:51
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Photo 1000006
Photo by agfa100
🕐 08-07-23 00:34zeicaman wrote:
Couldn't agree more. 👍
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El Taco Sagrado
Photo by JT
🕐 07-23-23 08:56JT wrote:
This beautiful cathedral (La familia sagrada) in Barcelona is surrounded by fast food and other commercial shops. It's quite sad but still beautiful regardless.
I am the first to admit. I ate there. 😩
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Photo - 57730
Photo by JT
🕐 07-22-23 23:42JT wrote:
zeicaman wrote:
Powerful. No words needed or even a face. This says it all.

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A Conversation
Photo by JT
🕐 07-22-23 23:22JT wrote:
😆 Yes the world holds its breath 😆
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Photo - 122219
Photo by JT
🕐 07-22-23 16:12JT wrote:
You are correct! This is near lower Matecumbe key.
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