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Current site development status.

Current site development status.

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Posted: 05-8-18 7:44 PM - Views: 1094

By: 50mil

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So here is where we are at as of today with the development of the site and improvements.

  • Drag and Drop photos for uploading. Now you can simply grab a bunch of photos from a folder and drag them into the drop area for uploading. It is still a little iffy with Internet Explorer and MS Edge. You need to use Select to grab a bunch of file.
  • Forums is coming along nicely. I think it is pretty much done with the exception of a few thing shere and there.
  • Editing photos has become really easy. Just click on the Edit photos menu option from The top Gallery menu. You will see all your photos and a few editable options. The cool thing is you can edit them on the same page without needing to reload the page after each edit. Just make changes and click apply.
  • Make your photos private by cliking the big Private button on the Edit Photos page. Make them Public again by clicking Make public.
  • Deleting photos is as simple as clicking on the red garbage can and confirming. Once a photo goes transparent, it's gone. No turning back.
  • Clicking the information icon which looks like an I in a circle opens up information about the photos. Click anywhere in the ifno window or the red close icon to close it.
  • Liking a photo is as easy as just clicking the green thumbs up. Changed your mind? Click the red thumbs down.
  • Still need to activate the Follow button
  • When viewing members, click on the pin to add them to your favorites. Click on the unpion to remove them.
  • Add a comment to a photograph and you can edit or delete it within 30 minutes or so. I may or may not remove the time frame.
  • View all photos with the latest comments by clicking on Comments from the top menu.
  • For the most part, clicking on any thumbnail will take you to the photo page.

Now for some cool stuff ...

  • I really like Blurbs. Blurbs are a quick way to make a statement or inform someone of something. They are very much like tweets but better because I wrote them :) Post a blurb to let people know of a photo you really like, brag about some cool new lens or just mention anything the community should be informed of.  Just click on the Megaphone on the top right of any page next to your profile picture.
  • Click on the Bubble Icon on the top right of the page to see all blurbs.
  • Want to stay informed when someon posts a blurb? Click on the follow button and it will turn green.
  • Branding images are awesome. You can add an image to your profile that will appear on certain pages. For example, on your profile page, it appears in your bio area. When you post a new topic in the forum it appears across the top. If you are a business place your logo there. So much you can do with branding images.

Other stuff ....

  • Edit your settings to subscribe to notifications of new posts in the forums you like.
  • Edit your profile picture.
  • View your message inbox.
  • View your favorite members.
  • Delete your blurbs from there if you would like to do so.


Still need to do some things like fixing all notifications and a few other things.

Anyway, feel free to add to this posts your ideas.



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