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Please provide your feedback

Please provide your feedback

Category: Nikon

Posted: 05-4-18 8:46 PM - Views: 746

By: 50mil

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Let me know what works, doesn't and what you would like to see added to the site redesign.



Reply from 50mil on 05-6-18 10:29 AM

Getting there.

When you edit your picture details you can now select a film if it was shot with fim. You can also make it private as well.

More stuff coming.


As far as categories go. remember this site is testing and for feedback. Once completed, the other sites will have the same features as this one and the other specific categories.



Reply from Walter Schoffthaler on 05-6-18 1:29 AM

I would like the possibility to read the EXIF-data on my own pictures.


Reply from elmar m on 05-5-18 9:08 PM

Also, I would like a new category of images added to the list: "abstract/graphic"

Reply from elmar m on 05-5-18 6:32 PM

I have trouble editing the images with exposure data. Also, when providing the info there should be a line asking that if film, what scanner used. Also, maybe if image was taken from a tripod. That would make the data more interesting.

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