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More FujiFilm-owners become members here ....?

More FujiFilm-owners become members here ....?

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Posted: 04-29-18 2:23 AM - Views: 707

By: Walter Schoffthaler

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Thanks Jorge, for inviting me to test your new site, for ALL camera-owners, regardless of make. I think this is a much better idea because most photographers - me included - have kameras and equipment from more than one make / camera producer.

Good luck with your eternal quest for perfection!
Best regards,


P.S.: I do not use 50mm very much, as this is a focal length I am not so familiar with, but I will try to contribute with what I have of images with that focal length.



Reply from Walter Schoffthaler on 05-1-18 5:57 AM

Its coming along nicely, Jorge!


Reply from Walter Schoffthaler on 04-30-18 8:31 AM

I understand:

I thought you may want to know that also this page works according to your effort and plan. before I logged inn here, I got an e-mail message that someone (you) have answered my question.

Thanks again!


Reply from Christian on 04-30-18 7:18 AM

Walter thanks for the post. Since this is a test site, any type of photographs is allowed. Once it is all working as planned, we will clean up the photos and make it more specific to the site.

For now just testing functionality and features.



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