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Who is using the 35mm 1.4 ZM

Who is using the 35mm 1.4 ZM

Category: Zeiss

Posted: 04-11-18 9:10 PM - Views: 1286

By: Jorge Torralba

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Just ordered this lens for use on my M10. Still waiting for both camera and lens to arrive.

Just wondering what your thoughts are about this lens. Lloyd Chambers has nothing but praise for it and I am excited about receiving it.

Zeiss 35mm 1.4 ZM Distagon



Reply from Jorge Torralba on 03-18-20 9:50 AM

I love this lens!

Reply from Christian on 05-3-18 7:57 PM

Nice rendering. Very creamy looking bokeh. Very muc that Zeiss look. Love it!

Reply from Jorge Torralba on 04-20-18 3:35 PM

Lovingthis lens. Here is a quick snap from the garden just minutes after receiving it.


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