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torralba - 04-30-18 11:06 AM
Great place to buy from. I have been buying from Tony at Popflash for over a decade! Always a pleasure to deal with!
cjtorral - 04-29-18 7:04 PM
Just placed an order with Should have it Tuesday!
torralba - 04-29-18 10:42 AM
Yeap. You will be happy with Both M10 and 50 Zeiss. In fact, my 35mm 1.4 is the Zeiss :)
cjtorral - 04-29-18 9:24 AM
Just as I thought. Still saving for it. But I am looking at the M10 and a 50 Sonnar from Zeiss to get started.

After all, the Sonnar renders beautifully.
torralba - 04-28-18 10:04 PM
Thanks for the comments.

The camera is a joy to use for sure. You feel like you are holding your old film camera nad the shooting experience is so much more enjoyable. There is something to be said for having to work to get a photograph.

The 50 Lux is the 50 Lux. What can I say? :)
cjtorral - 04-28-18 9:38 PM
How do you like the M10 / 50 Lux combo? I hear it is a joy to shoot with and is more like a film M than any other digital M was.

BTW, Your images look awesome. Thanks for posting and sharing.


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