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🕐 05-8-18 6:49 PMtorralba
Photo 50331
That 50mm 1.8 G is an amazing little lens. I have one and I don't know whats heavier. The filter or the lens :)
🕐 05-5-18 3:01 PMralphsiu
Mount Hood, Oregon
Mt. Hood Organic Farms. Thank you.
🕐 05-5-18 9:53 AMtorralba
Photo 50307
Love the light. Very nice.
🕐 05-5-18 7:32 AMtorralba
Mount Hood, Oregon
This looks like Mt Hood in Oregon but based on your other photos I am going to say it's not :)
🕐 05-4-18 8:45 PMtorralba
Mount Hood, Oregon
Love this ! Where was it taken?
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