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🕐 05-5-18 8:05 AMcjtorral
Photo 50284
🕐 04-30-18 7:20 AMcjtorral
Angry and well buildt Viking
By: walter
Wow. I don't want him invading my village :) Looks like a real Viking :)
🕐 04-29-18 8:38 PMcjtorral
Photo 35429
This was shot with the Tamron SP 45mm. I was so impressed. It's an amazing lens for the price.
🕐 04-29-18 8:33 PMcjtorral
Big things come in small pacakges.
What a cute dog :) Looks so cozy!
🕐 04-29-18 8:09 PMcjtorral
Photo 50225
Yeap. It's hard to beat a 135 f1.8 :)
🕐 04-29-18 8:08 PMcjtorral
Fender - Maple
Thanks. I love the shallow depth of field you get with fast lenses.
🕐 04-29-18 7:04 PMcjtorral
The Cassandra Master
Just placed an order with Should have it Tuesday!
🕐 04-29-18 12:51 PMcjtorral
Columbia River Gorge - Oregon
What a gorgeous view. Where is this ?
🕐 04-29-18 9:24 AMcjtorral
The Cassandra Master
Just as I thought. Still saving for it. But I am looking at the M10 and a 50 Sonnar from Zeiss to get started.

After all, the Sonnar renders beautifully.
🕐 04-28-18 10:43 PMcjtorral
The Guida
Great skin tones. Amazing bokeh!
🕐 04-28-18 9:38 PMcjtorral
The Cassandra Master
How do you like the M10 / 50 Lux combo? I hear it is a joy to shoot with and is more like a film M than any other digital M was.

BTW, Your images look awesome. Thanks for posting and sharing.
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